Under Wraps Farm Randolph, Ohio

Natural and locally grown vegetables. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides, available at 2517 Hartville Road, in Randolph

A sustainable approach to farming

Know where your food comes from, and the person who grows it. Local food keeps your money in your community, instead of sending it off to corporate growers using cheap labor. And sustainable agricultural produces more nutritious food. Ohioans shouldn’t have to buy food from thousands of miles away.

Vacations bring the weeds

At the end of July I was out of town for a week. Well worth it, but the garden is now a jungle. I think every August this happens. Eventually you can’t outrun the weeds. Even with the minimal tillage I try to do. Next year I am definitely using landscape fabric in the tunnels.…

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Grainy footage

The small wheat plot finally matured. I harvested it again, though I still have a bucket of seeds from last year I haven’t done anything with. I don’t have a good method for harvesting, because I don’t have any machinery to do most of the threshing then winnowing. This time, I use a scythe to…

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Updates are hard

I keep taking pictures but posting anything here. With a new daughter in the picture, time trying to grow everything is at an all time low, plus the other kids who are winning lots and lots of coach pitch baseball games. But some stuff is still growing. Its a weedy mess now that the drought…

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Wind bad

The wind last Saturday was not very helpful, and it managed to take off a good part of the plastic on one of the caterpillar tunnels. It was flapping pretty badly and I got a rope over it, but in the end I didn’t want to risk the plastic ripping, so with the help of…

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Destroying the weeds

Last week it was dry enough I tilled the beds in the tunnels. They were very weedy already, and throughout the winter the tarps don’t really kill the weeds. I assume because the plants go dormant. They don’t look great but aren’t dead, either. So I did a shallow till to chop them up and…

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